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Sonar works with clients to assess and address digital opportunities and risks.


We look outside the organisation to see how digital is changing customers’ thinking. We look inside to see how core processes could be digitised, automated or personalised.


Armed with these insights, we can build a strategy that's backed by a credible business case.

Capabilities & Operating model

Build, buy or outsource? These decisions are easier to make when you know which capabilities are critical to your long-term advantage. 

With the right internal resources and external partners, we will design an efficient Operating Model to ensure your digital efforts achieve their goals. We've helped to reshape operating models across retail, telecoms and financials services.

Customer Insight

​Sonar and its partners can help unearth key customer insights to guide your digital programme. We work with trusted partners to conduct primary customer research and analysis to validate ideas and uncover new ones.

Sonar helps to turn insights into actionable work: keeping the team focused on data over hunches.

Team Development

Digital is the ultimate team sport. Marketing, Sales and Technology must come together to make it happen. Sonar can help you design the right org structure and workflows to unlock your digital potential. 

We can also assist with hiring strategy: from job specs and on-boarding, to filling temporary roles through our network of associates.

Programme Delivery

We don’t just come up with the plan. We work with your product and project managers to setup the delivery framework that will make the plan a success. 

We also manage the digital sales process as an ongoing programme: continually refining the proposition and the funnel based on data insights.

RFP & Vendor Selection

Organisations making new platform and partner decisions may not have the resources to run a selection process. Sonar has run RFP process for design, UX, eCommerce systems and an array of other technologies.

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